The Anritsu ME7760A /B 43.5 Gbit/s BERT Systems are composed of five hardware elements plus software that runs on a GPIB-connected PC. Each system element is described on a separate product page: click on the links below to see these 43.5G BER products. ME7760B is the standard system, and ME7760A is a lower-cost version. The ME7780A 48G BER Test Solution is a similar system available for higher rate signals. The signal output side consists of a 50G or 65G signal generator (MG3690B Series) for generating the clock signal, a pulse pattern generator (MP1775A) for generating four channels of SDH/SONET patterns, and the MP1803A 4:1 multiplexer (MP1801A for the ME7760A system) for multiplexing these signals into a 43.5 Gbps signal. The receive side consists of the MP1804A 1:4 demultiplexer (MP1802A for the ME7760A system) for splitting the 43.5 Gbps signal into four channels and an error detector (MP1776A) for measuring the error rate of the four channels. The pulse pattern generator (MP1775

Anritsu ME7760A

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