Anritsu The ML2495A and ML2496A Peak Power Meters have been designed for high resolution measurements on radar and the latest 3G and 4G wireless systems, including next-generation systems based on complex new modulation technologies such as OFDM. They have the highest bandwidth and highest resolution in rising edge pulse measurements. A combination of an advanced sampling system and measurement features provides precise and accurate details on the power envelope of the transmitter. High quality CW measurement ability compatible with a wide range of sensors adds to their uniqueness by making them universal, with all-purpose flexibility. The ML2495A supports one sensor and the ML2496A supports two sensors. 8 ns Typical Rise Time with MA2411B Pulse Sensor ML2495/96A rise time is typically 8 ns with the MA2411B pulse sensor, providing fast measurements of the most demanding radar signals 65 MHz Bandwidth For accurate rise time measurements on radar signals or for peak measurements of the l

Anritsu ML2496A

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