Anritsu MP1650A 0.05 to 3 GHz, Pulse Pattern Generator

Product Description:Anritsu MP1650A 0.05 to 3 GHz, Pulse Pattern GeneratorLow FM/PM-noise Clock GeneratoGenerates 512 KB prog.PatternsGenerates PRBS Patterns8:1 Multiplexer OperationComplementary Data & Clock OutpuConnector: Precision N-typeData length: 524288 bitsRise/fall time: 80 psPerformance Characteristics of the MP1650AForm Factor BenchtopType PatternNumber of Channels 8 chMaximum Frequency 3 GHzFrequency Accuracy 0.001 %Minimum Pulse Width 3 nsMaximum Output Voltage 2 VOutput Data Format NRZOutput Data Memory/Channel 512 KBOutput Impedance 50 OhmProgrammability/Connectivity of the MP1650AUser Interface ProprietaryPorts to Peripheral Devices GPIBData Storage Type FDD,HDD

Anritsu MP1650A

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