MP1762C - Anritsu Bit Error Rate Testers

The Anritsu MP1761C Pulse Pattern Generator/MP1762C Error Detector are 12.5 Gbit/s BERTS (Bit Error Rate Test Set) developed for evaluation and inspection of 10 Gbit/s transmission equipment, modules, and devices. MP1761C is sold as MP1763C and MP1762C as MP1764C outside Japan.
Operation frequency 50 MHz to 12.5 GHz Data input Input voltage 0.25 to 2.0 Vp-p Data input Threshold voltage variable range -3.000 to +1.875 Vp-p Clock input Input voltage 0.25 to 2.0 Vp-p Clock input Input delay variable range -500 to +500 ps Receive pattern Pseudorandom pattern 2n-1 (n:7, 9, 11, 15, 20, 23, 31) Receive pattern Data pattern 2 to 8,388,608 bits Sync mode Normal, Frame, Quick Error detection mode Omission, insertion, total Measurement item Error rate, error count, error interval, clock frequency
Extra Specifications: Data Transmission Analyzer

Anritsu MP1762C

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