Anritsu   12.5 GHz Pulse Pattern Generator with option 01 Built in Clock Source and option 03 1/4 speed output. The MP1763B is used in combination with the MP1764A Error Detector.The amplitude of the clock and data signals can be varied from 0.25to 2 Vp-p while the offset can be adjusted to within 2 V so that theamplitude and the offset margin can be measured. The clock has avariable delay function so that time-dependent characteristics orphase margins of the input clock and data can be measured. An Mseries pseudorandom pattern representative of actual conditions ora programmable pattern can be selected as cell data.In addition, a 3.5 inch floppy disk drive is built in for storing presetdata, enabling rapid measurements to be performed by simply pressinga key. A GPIB function is provided, enabling automatic or remotemeasurement via an external controller.The MP1763B is a pulse pattern generator ideal for research anddevelopment of high-speed logic, ICs, and digital systems.

Anritsu MP1763B

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