Description: Anritsu MS2718B Economy Microwave Spectrum Analyzer

Anritsu The MS2718B Economy Microwave Spectrum Analyzer is designed to be an affordable solution for bench testing of microwave components, subsystems, and systems. Designed for engineers and technicians needing advanced yet economical spectrum analysis tools, the MS2718B redefines the economy class by delivering impressive value and lowering cost-of-test. It can serve both the R&D test bench as well as the production line applications. With its upper frequency range of 13 GHz, the MS 2718B brings economic spectrum measurements to many commercial, as well as aerospace and defense microwave system applications. This includes high-technology systems operating in the X-band range. You can measure signal performance on a wide variety of microwave systems; radar, satellite and terrestrial communications, and complex military communications and defense electronics systems. In addition to all those general purpose measure

Anritsu MS2718B

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