Anritsu MS2720T Spectrum Analyzer, 9 kHz - 9 GHz 

The Spectrum Master™ MS2720T series provides field technicians and engineers with performance that rivals a benchtop spectrum analyzer. The MS2720T features a touchscreen, full-band tracking generators to 20 GHz, and best-in-class performance for dynamic range, DANL, phase noise, and sweep speed, providing unprecedented levels of spectrum monitoring, hidden signal detection, RF/microwave measurements, and testing of microwave backhauls and cellular signals.
MS2720T models:
MS2720T-0709: 9 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
MS2720T-0713: 13 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
MS2720T-0720: 20 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
MS2720T-0732: 32 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
MS2720T-0743: 43 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
Continuous frequency coverage from 9 kHz to 43 GHz is provided by the MS2720T. This gives the wireless professional the performance needed for the most demanding measurements. Whether your application is spectrum monitoring, hidden signal detection, RF and microwave signal m

Anritsu MS2720T

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