Description: Anritsu   Digital Mobile Radio Transmitter Tester, 300 kHz to 3 GHzThe MS8606A can measure CDMA (IS-95, ARIB STD-T53) forward and reverse transmission characteristics. It is ideal for measuring transmitter characteristics including frequency, waveform quality, timing error, code domain power, transmitter power, occupied bandwidth, neighboring spurious, etc. The MS8606A can measure PDC transmission characteristic such as transmission frequency and power, modulation accuracy, occupied bandwidth, and adjacent channel power, in addition to the bit error rate. The built-in spectrum analyzer covers frequencies of 10 MHz to 3 GHz making it ideal for R&D. In addition, the general-purpose evaluation functions can be used to measure the adjacent channel power, occupied bandwidth, and sideband noise of radio equipment. The MS8606A has general-purpose analog measurement functions, including frequency counter, power meter, FM/øM measurement, AF oscillator and audio analyzer, making it

Anritsu MS8606A

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