Anritsu   Long-haul Optical Fiber MeasurementThe MW0945B, and MW0947B plug-in unit have a wide 34/32 dB or greater (1.31/1.55 μm) dynamicrange, and can measure fibers over 180 km long.Built-in High-speed PrinterThe screen displayed on the CRT is 73.1 x 57.1 mm, and can be printed out in about 7 seconds.Averaging can be continued and key operations can be performed even during printout. Therefore,there is no waiting time during printout.PMC and FD DriveThe PMC is a 512 Kbytes type and can store the measurement waveforms of 248 screens. The FDuses MS-DOS * format so that its contents can be read by a personal computer. One FD (2HD) canstore the measurement waveforms of 700 screens, as standard. The PMC is more resistant to harshenvironmental conditions than the FD. The PMC is very reliable at high temperatures and when data isstored in environments with poor ambient conditions, such as in dusty places.* MS-DOS is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.Direct Plotting FunctionDir

Anritsu MW0947B

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