1652 - BK Precision Power Supplies DC

Technical Specifications

Max. Voltage24.0V
Number of OutputsTriple
Max. Current4.00A

Extra Specifications
Triple Output Digital Display DC Power Supply

Product Description

The model 1652 Triple Output DC Power Supply has two 0 to 24VDC outputs capable of supplying 0 to 500mA, and one fixed 5VDC output capable of supplying up to 4A. Connect outputs in series for higher voltage or connect in parallel for higher current output (switch selectable). Voltage and current metering is provided by two, three digit LED displays. This unit is fully short circuit, overload, and reverse polarity protected.

Two 0 to 24VDC, 0 to 500mA outputs
One fixed 5VDC, 4A output
Independent or tracking operation
Adjustable current limiting
Designed to operate continuously at rated output
Short circuit, over voltage, and reverse polarity protection

BK Precision 1652

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