9123 - BK Precision Power Supplies DC

Technical Specifications

Max. Voltage30.0V
Number of OutputsSingle
Max. Current5.00A

Extra Specifications
Single Output Programmable DC Power Supplies

Product Description

The 9123 is a single output programmable power supply with a built-in RS232 and GPIB interface with SCPI language compatibility. It was designed to meet the needs of applications inÜdesign verification, university labs, production testing and other applications that require clean/reliable power and excellent performance. With a meter resolution of 10mV and 1mA, these power supplies are ideal for low power surface mount circuits that require very precise voltage and current settings.

10mV & 1mA Display Resolution
Over-voltage protection and remote sensing
Excellent regulation and very low noise
SCPI compatible
RS232 & GPIB Interface
Fast Transient Response Time
Closed Case Calibration
Output terminals are banana style (not binding posts)

BK Precision 9123

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