6203-15 - Chroma Power Supplies DC

Technical Specifications

Max. Voltage15.0V
Number of OutputsSingle
Max. Current20.00A

Extra Specifications
Programmable DC Power Supply

Product Description

Low Cost programmable DC Power supplies from 60W to 12KW. Many models to choose from with optional GPIB and RS232 interface. Ideal for benchtop or ATE applications.

The Chroma 6203 series programmable DC power source offers maximum rated DC power for output Voltage (15V/30V/60V), output current (5A/10A/20A), output power (300W), is an exceptional product providing the highest power density in its class to any bench or system application.

The higher precision requirement, 6203 series can be easily combined with 6200 series in dual, triple and quad configurations. Multiple units can be combined in auto parallel, auto series and auto tracing configurations to obtain more Voltage/Current output. For enhanced control, you can upgrade the 6203 series from front panel control to remote analog si

Chroma 6203-15

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