Fluke 1953A

The Fluke 1953A Timer/Counter will do frequency measurements from 0 to 125 Mhz (DC coupled) and 5 Hz to 125 Mhz (AC coupled). It will do period measurements 0 to 25 Mhz (DC coupled), 5 Hz to 25 Mhz (AC coupled). It has a 9 digit display. There are two input channels: Channel A and Channel B. You can adjust the trigger levels on both these input channels. There is a convenient sep/com slide switch that allows you to send the A channel input into the B Channel as well, at the slide of a switch.
The Fluke 1953A has the following functions:

Freq A
Freq C (This unit does not have the C channel input)
Freq (A/B)
Period A
T.I. A-B
A GTD by B

Fluke 1953A

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