Fluke 2635A
Hydra Data Bucket

2635A Hydra Data Bucket:
The ideal choice for gathering and transporting large volumes of data and for working extended periods from remote locations.


The Hydra Data Bucket comes equipped with a 256 KB PCMCIA card and is also available with either a 1 MB, 2 MB, or 4 MB memory card to suit your data storage needs. Data may be uploaded from these cards via the Hydra RS-232 port, the optional 263XA-803 memory card drive, or from your computer's standard PCMCIA slot. Real-time data can be simultaneously transferred to a PC at the same time it is recorded to the memory card.

Quick setups

Simply push a few front panel buttons or load instrument setups from the memory card.

Fail-safe features:

The Hydra Data Bucket gives advance indication of a low battery or low memory condition on the memory card. Its internal memory buffer continues to store up to 70 scans while the card is removed.

Fluke 2635A

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