Fluke 333
400Amp AC Digtal Clamp Meter

Rugged reliability at a basic price, measures ac amps, ac/dc volts, and ohms with display hold. 400Amp AC Digtal Clamp Meter

* Auto shut-off maximizes battery life so the meter works when you need it
* Small body and jaws fit perfectly in your hand and into tight places
* Large, backlit display (on most models) is easy to see
* Inrush current function (on most models) for measuring starting current for motors, lighting, etc. 
* Improved low current measurement accuracy from new microprocessor technology 
* Meter controls are positioned so current measurements can be done with one hand (index finger on clamp opening lever and thumb on rotary switch) 
* Handy display hold keeps measurements on the display

Fluke 333

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