Fluke 43B

Power Quality Analyzer
The Fluke 43B is one of our refurbished Power Quality Analyzers.

Fluke 43B Features:

NiMH Battery provides extended operating time of 6.5 hours
Combines the most useful capabilities of a power quality analyzer, multimeter and scope
Calculates 3-phase power on balanced loads, from a single-phase measurement
Trends voltage, current, frequency, power harmonics and captures voltage sags, transients and inrush current
Monitoring functions help track intermittent problems and power system performance
Records two selectable parameters for up to 16 days
20 measurement memories to save/recall screens and data with cursor readings
FlukeView® software can log harmonics and all other readings over time and provides a complete harmonics profile up to the 51st harmonic
Measures resistance, diode voltage drop, continuity, and capacitance
Users/applications manual and power quality video to help answer tough questions
The Fluke 43B Power Quality Analyzer perfor

Fluke 43B

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