Fluke 5200A

The 5200A Alternating Voltage Calibrator is a precision high-performance alternating voltage source with proven reliability and exceptional stability and accuracy over a broad frequency range. Wide output range & lab standard accuracy makes this instrument useful in both laboratory and manufacturing environments. Outputs from 100 ?V RMS to 120 V RMS at a 50 mA current level. Frequency range from 10Hz to 1.2MHz with accuracy of ?(1.0% + 0.1%). Amplitude range is 1 mV to 1000 V in seven ranges. 6-digit resolution, yielding 1 nV steps on the 1 mV range increasing to 1 mV steps on the 1000 V range, with an error measurement provided in two ranges (?3% or ?0.3%). 20% overrange capability.

Fluke 5200A

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