Fluke 5205A

Precision Power Amplifier
The Fluke 5205A is a refurbished Precision Power Amplifier.

The 5205A extends the range of the 5200A, AC Calibrator, to 1200V rms, and also extends the load, voltage range, and frequency from 100 V (at 1 kHz) to 1100 V (at up to 50 kHz) for the 5100 series Calibrators. Precision instrument six-month stability. 

The 5205A also operates as an independent amplifier from DC to 120 kHz. Provides DC output voltages to 1500 V and AC output voltages to 1200 V rms at current levels of 200 mA rms.
AC output voltages to 1200 Vrms. ,br> 420 ppm mid-band amplitude uncertainty at 1000 Vrms
, 200 ppm mid-band six month stability
DC coupled, programmable, inverting amplifier has a fixed gain of 100..

Fluke 5205A

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