Fluke 5440B
Direct Voltage Calibrator

The 5440B Direct Voltage Calibrator is equipped with bright vacuum-fluorescent displays for clear visibility at any viewing angle.

Voltage output 0 to 1100V accuracy 0 -11V + or -2ppm +5mV. Current output 0 to 25mA. 11V to 22V 2ppm +8µV; 22 to 275V + 100µV; 275 to 1100V 3.5ppm + 400mV. 

Output Voltage of 0 to 1100 V with accuracy of 3ppm.
Completely automatic internal calibration, no mechanical adjustments.
Provisions for simplified external calibration.
Completely programmable through IEEE-488 Interface.
Serial printer output for calibration constants and instrument test results.
One of the most accurate and stable DC standards available.

Fluke 5440B

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