Fluke 732B

Reference Voltage Standard
The Fluke 732B is one of our refurbished Reference Standards.

The Fluke 732B is a direct voltage standard with 10V and 1.018V outputs. The Fluke 734A is a direct voltage reference standard that consists of four 732B's that are mechanically and electrically isolated, housed in a rack-mountable enclosure. 

The 734A is designed to be a primary voltage standard for primary and secondary calibration and standard laboratories. Because it is made up of four independent standards, intercomparisons of the standards and statistical methods can be used to reduce the uncertainty of the reference significantly over time. 

Because each 732B is independent, it can be removed from the 734A and used as a portable standard to transfer a value from the primary 734A reference to remote service or production locations for traceability, without disturbing the primary reference.

Fluke 732B

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