Fluke 80i-600a

AC Current Clamp
The Fluke 80I-600A is a refurbished AC Current Clamp.

The Model 80i-600A is a clamp-on ac current probe designed to extend the current measuring capability of an ac current meter to 600 amperes.

A clamp-on, 1000-turn coil designed into the probe allows measurements to be made without breaking the circuit under test. The coil serves as the secondary of a current transformer.

The current carrying conductor being measured serves as the primary. Because of a high efficiency, quadrature type of winding used, wire size and the position of the wire within the probe jaws does not effect accuracy. 
Input Current Range: 1A to 600A
Output: 1 milliamp per ampere of input current (1mA/A)
Accuracy: ±2% of reading, 50 Hz to 1 kHz ±3% of reading (typical), 30 Hz to 50 Hz or 1 kHz to 10 kHz.
Working Voltage: 750V ac rms maximum
Maximum Conductor Size: 50.8 mm (2 inch.)
Shunt (load) Resistance: less than 12 Ω at multimeter input to maintain specified accuracy

Fluke 80i-600A

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