Fluke 8922A
Wideband Digital Voltmeters (AC+DC Measurement)

Fluke 8922A Performance Characteristics:
The 8922A True-RMS Digital Voltmeter is an ac voltmeter with 4 digit display, autoranging, and BNC input. It also has an analog display for peak/null adjustments. The bandwidth is 2Hz to 11MHz.

AC Volts Minimum Range: 2 mV
AC Volts Maximum Range: 700 V
AC Volts No. of Ranges: 7 QTY
AC Volts Range Steps: 1/10/100
AC Volts Minimum Frequency: 2 Hz
AC Volts Maximum Frequency: 11 MHz
AC Volts Maximum Reading Rate: 2.5 pt/sec
True Rms (?): Yes

Fluke 8922A

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