Fluke 931B
931B True RMS Differential Voltmeter

Voltage range:
0.003 to 1100 V in 11 ranges
Frequency range:
2 Hz to 2 MHz

The Fluke 931B, True RMS Differential Voltmeter, that is designed for rapid measurements of ac waveforms regardless of their shape. Accuracies to ±0.05% of reading are obtained in a simple-to-operate portable instrument with a five digit readout and automatic indicating decimal point. 

The instrument employs the principle of the differential thermocouple transfer standard to obtain its high degree of accuracy. The Fluke 931B, True RMS Differential Voltmeter, incorporates unique solid-state circuitry to accomplish the transfer automatically and almost instantly as the voltage readout dials are adjusted to their proper setting.

Fluke 931B

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