Fluke A40A
Current Shunts

The A40 Series consists of 12 shunts rated from 10 mA up to 5A. The A40A shunts add 10A and 20A ranges. The A40/A40A allows you to make ac/dc current transfer measurements with the 792A Transfer Standard or 5790A Measurement Standard. Special cables are required.

AC current transfer measurements from 2.5 mA to 20A
Frequency between 5 Hz to 100 kHz
Compatible with 792A and 5790A
Fluke A40A Performance Characteristics:

Form Factor: Benchtop
ACCurrent Minimum Range: 10 mA
AC Current Maximum Range: 20 A
AC Current No. of Ranges: 14 QTY
Minimum Frequency: 5 Hz
Maximum Frequency: 100 kHz
Frequency Accuracy: 0.05 %

Fluke A40A

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