Fluke DSP-2000
Digital Cable Analyzer

The DSP-2000 CableAnalyzer:
Delivers TSB-67 Accuracy Level II for Basic Link and Channel as classified by
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL)
Provides auto-diagnostics of cabling faults in graphical and text representations
Tests NEXT from both ends to 155 MHz
Detects/excludes sources of noise from NEXT measurements
Provides fast test times: completes test of a 4-pair Cat 5 cable in 20 seconds
Stores 1,150 TIA TSB-67 test results and up to 3,000 fiber test results
Monitors traffic on 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX networks to help you identify if the cable link is the source of the problem
Tests a wide variety of LAN cabling systems: UTP, FTP, STP (IBM type 1,2,6,9), Coax
Includes free Windowsr-based DSP-LINK software - the quick and easy way to upload cable test results to your PC
Provides input protection from live ISDN circuits
Has a bright, back-lit display for hard-to-see locations
Has a rugged, solid construction, built for the job

Fluke DSP-2000

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