Fluke i2000flex
Flexible 2000A AC Current Probe

Fluke i2000Flex Measurements/Features:
Measures up to 2000A ac
Switchable between 200A and 2000A
Includes a 62 cm (24.4") circumference flexible probe
Connector for coupling and decoupling around a conductor
Includes BNC connector
Use with any oscilloscope, power analyzer or ScopeMeter
Dual banana to BNC adapter is included for use with DMMs
10 mV/A output signal in the 200A range
1 mV/A output signal in the 2000A range
Bandwidth (-3dB): 1 Hz to 20 kHz
9V alkaline battery, installed
At least 100 hour battery life
Fluke i2000Flex Performance Characteristics:

Type Current Clamp
Related Category Digital Oscilloscopes
Fluke i2000Flex Physical Dimensions:

Weight 1 kg(2.2 lb)

Fluke i2000flex

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