Fluke OC3-P1S

OC3Port Plus Handheld ATM Tester
The Fluke OC3-P1S is one of our refurbished OC3Port Plus Handheld ATM Testers.

Fluke OC3-P1S Features:

OC3 Pointer Control and Monitoring
Support for SONET and SDH Framing Formats
Date and Time Stamping of OC3 Alarm Occurrences
Passive Monitoring Mode, Which Allows for Non-Intrusive Testing
The Fluke OC3port Plus portable hand-held tester provides an extensive set of OC3 and ATM testing capabilities that address a broad range of test requirements for OC3- and ATM-based transmission and communications systems. The OC3port Plus is specifically designed to allow you to test any type of OC3/ATM equipment for proper operation, configuration, compliance, and interoperability.

The Fluke OC3port Plus combines SONET testing features with advanced ATM testing features, giving you the ability to quickly test and troubleshoot any OC3 circuit as well as test ATM equipment and services for proper operation and conformance. At the physical lay

Fluke OC3-P1S

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