Fluke PM 5139
0.1mHz - 20MHz, Function Generator

The Philips PM5139 Function Generator from 0.1 mHz to 20 MHz. Sine, square, triangular, positive and negative pulse. Output from 1mV to 20 Vpp. Modulation: AM, FM, PSK, sweep, burst, gate, internal and external.

Fluke PM 5139/023 Performance Characteristics
Form Factor: Benchtop
Number of Channels: 1 ch
Waveforms (Sine, Square, etc.): Pulse,Sine,Square,Sawtooth,Triangle
Minimum Frequency: 0.1 mHz
Maximum Frequency, Sine wave: 20 MHz
Maximum Frequency, Square Wave: 20 MHz
Maximum Frequency, Triangle Wave: 500 kHz
Maximum Frequency, Pulse: 50 kHz
Simultaneous Maximum Sampling Rate/ch: 20.48 MSa/s
Waveform Length: 1024 points
Frequency Accuracy: 0.002 %
Minimum Output Voltage: 0 V
Maximum Output Voltage: 20 V
Waveform Resolution: 2 digits
Output Accuracy: 2 %
Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
Flatness: 0.15 dB
Modulation: AM,FM,Pulse
Sweep Modes: Continuous,Linear,Log,Single

Fluke PM 5139

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