Fluke PM 6685
300 MHz Universal Frequency Counter

PM 6685 - Cal lab performance in the field:
The PM 6685 frequency counter from Fluke brings cal lab accuracy to field measurements. With 10 digits per second, plus overflow (displays 11th and 12th digits), it delivers high-accuracy measurements instantly. The PM 6685 is easy to use, compact and - most important of all - it has today's smartest input triggering for frequency measurements. The battery option for the PM 6685 maintains oven stability for 20 hours, giving you instant oven performance even after long transportation

Rubidium Counters

The PM 6685 and PM 6681 are available as R versions with a Rubidium Timebase.

Fluke Rubidium Counters are equipped with a Rubidium reference oscillator. The short warm-up time make them ready for use quickly after field transport or a change of location inside a building. The atomic resonance principle of rubidium standard is intrinsically 100 times more stable than the electrom

Fluke PM 6685

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