Fluke PM 6690
Frequency Counters

The Fluke PM 6690 timer-counter-analyzer is the most versatile and accurate tool for measuring time, frequency, or phase. On top of that, the PM 6690 has built-in analysis capabilities that give you the dynamics and the statistical behavior of the parameter under test. The PM 6690 offers an intuitive user interface and graphical display which makes it easier to use than any other timer-counter. And all this at a very attractive price!

High resolution and speed
12 digits/sec. frequency measurements
100 ps single shot time-resolution
0.001° phase resolution
Frequency range: 300 MHz standard; 3 GHz or 8 GHz input optional
Built-in statistical analysis
Graphical display gives upto 14 digits resolution
Statistical analysis built-in, giving TrendPlot and Histogram display
USB and GPIB as standard

Fluke PM 6690

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