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10529A Logic Comparator

The Keysight 10529A Logic Comparator provides time-saving troubleshooting by locating bad nodes in-circuit. No unsoldering is required. When TTL or DTL functional logic fails, the comparator can quickly and simply find the faulty node or integrated circuit (IC) fault.

The comparator can be used by itself or with other IC troubleshooters. For example, once several bad nodes have been identified with the comparator, the other IC troubleshooters can be used to locate and specifically identify the exact fault.

Quickly checks dozens of ICs
Simple and direct operation with stretching and displays of dynamic errors
Useable in digital feedback loops
Switch-programmable socket board included
Self-powered and self-contained
For complete details, click on the Data Sheet link.
Quickly checks The HP 10529A operates on the principle that a known-good IC can act as a standard against which to measure the in-circuit performance of suspected-faulty ICs. Simple operation

Keysight/Agilent 10529A

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