15432B Transition Time Converter, 250ps

Output Transition Time: 250 ps
3 dB point: 1.3 GHz
Input voltage: <10 Vpp
Insertion loss: <0.2 dB
Overshoot, ringing: <3%
Mech. dimensions (L x W x H in mm): 43 x 28 x 15
The new design of these transition time converters ensures very low signal reflection far beyond the 3 dB point, unlike conventional converters.

Reducing the signal transition-times also increases the overall pulse-performance for overshoot/reflection sensitive applications.

The converters are fitted with SMA connectors, one male, one female.

These converters have been designed to convert the fixed transition-times of the Keysight 8133A 3 GHz timing generator (<100 ps transitions) to slower, fixed transition-times (150 ps, 250 ps, 500 ps, 1 ns, 2 ns) hence reducing the signal bandwidth. All transition-times are from 10% to 90% of amplitude.

The transition time converters can be cascaded to get transitions which are intermediate values equal to the square root of

Keysight/Agilent 15432B

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