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34302A Clamp-on ac/dc Current Probe

The Keysight 34302A is a clamp-on probe used for measuring ground currents, power supply ripple, or current distribution in systems. This probe measures ac, dc, and ac+dc currents without breaking the circuit.

The 34302A is compatible with the 34401A DMM, the 3457A, the 3458A and the hand held DMMs.

Ranges: +/-10 A and +/-100A
Frequency response: dc to 1 kHz
Recommended load: less than or equal to 3 Kohms
Rated output: +/-1Vdc at 10 A, +/-1 Vdc at 100 A
Aperature size: 19mm
Accuracy: +/-2% of rated output

Keysight/Agilent 34302A

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