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34420A Micro-Ohm Meter34420A 毫微電壓計,微歐姆錶主要技術規格Measurement Capability100 pV / 100 nOhm sensitivity1.3 nVrms / 8 nVpp noise performanceBuilt-in low noise 2 channel scannersApplications3 low power, dry circuit testing built-in resistance functionsDirect SPRT, RTD, Thermistor, and Thermocouple measurements敘述Keysight 34420A毫微電壓計/微歐姆錶是一個針對低位準量測而優化的高靈敏度電錶。它結合了低雜訊電壓量測與電阻和溫度功能,並立下了低位準彈性與效能的新標準。請參閱 執行更高效率的電阻量測的 9 個秘訣

Keysight/Agilent 34420A

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