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346CK01 Noise Source, 1 GHz up to 50 GHz

Frequency range: 1 GHz to 50 GHz
Connectors: BNC (f) input bias / 2.4 mm (m)
The Keysight 346CK01 is the ideal companion to Keysight´s noise figure solutions when working on high frequency applications. Since it is broadband (1 GHz to 50 GHz), it eliminates the necessity for several sources at different frequency bands. The low SWR of the noise source reduces a major source of measurement uncertainty, which are reflections of the test signals. This is a coaxial noise source with a 2.4 mm coaxial connector. ENR typically 20 dB at 1 GHz, decreasing to typically 7 dB at 50 GHz.

Keysight/Agilent 346CK01

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