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37718C OmniBER 718C Communications Performance Analyzer

SONET/SDH testing at all rates up to 155 Mb/s
The Keysight OmniBER 718 (37718C) communications performance analyzer is a single-box portable multi-rate BER and jitter tester up to 155 Mb/s (STM-1/OC-3) for development, qualification manufacture of SONET, SDH, ATM and POS network equipment sub-assemblies, line cards and devices.

ATM and POS to 155 Mb/s, upgradeable to 622 Mb/s or 2.5 Gb/s
Upgradeable to 622 Mb/s or 2.488 Gb/s
Concatenated payloads
Automatic detection of mixed payload signal structures
Accurate measurement of protection switching times (ring and linear networks)
Jitter generation and measurement at all rates (1.5, 2, 8, 34, 45, 140, 52 and 155 Mb/s)
Jitter testing to ITU-T and Telcordia recommendations

Keysight/Agilent 37718C

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