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44471D 20-Channel General Purpose Relay Module

Switching up to 1A, 250V
High isolation for mV level signal switching
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The Keysight 44471D is a 20-channel 1-wire general purpose relay module. It can be used to control DUT power, to actuate external relay or to form an attenuator. Each relay on the module is rated for switching up to 250V, 1A, or up to 60W or 125VA. The initial closed channel resistance is lower than 1 Ohm. The Keysight 44471D exhibits low thermal characteristics, making it ideal for independent signal switching. A screw terminal block is provided for ease of wiring.

The 44470A, 44470D, 44471A, and 44471D are designed for low-channel count applications, with higher switching capability (current or voltage) than N2260A or N2261A modules.

Standard Product Includes:

44471D 20-Channel General Purpose Relay
1 Connection Terminal
1 Certificate of Verification

Keysight/Agilent 44471D

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