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59307A VHF Switch

The Keysight 59307A VHF Switch provides two single-pole 4-throw switches controlled from front-panel pushbuttons or remotely from an HP-IB interface. Designed to maintain fast pulse transition times, the 59307A is a dc-to-500-MHz 50-ohm switch.

Switches are independent and bidirectional for optimum use in multiplexing 50-ohm signal lines into measuring instruments. The 59307A accepts outputs from synthesizers, pulse generators, or other sources, and routes these outputs to various points. It can switch a standard delay, frequency, or voltage into a measurement loop for system calibration purposes.

Local-reset pushbutton allows immediate operator control
Front-panel pushbuttons simplify set-up
HP-IB allows remote control
Front panel lights give quick state indication
Matched delays through switches

Keysight/Agilent 59307A

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