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70905B RF Section, 50 kHz to 22 GHz

50 kHz to 22 GHz RF section which provides broadband inputs for spectrum analyzers
Makes high dynamic range measurements
Automatic signal identification routine
The 70905B RF section provides the broadband inputs for the spectrum analyzers. The RF section converts the input signals to an intermediate frequency for further processing. This broadband, low noise mixer offers the performance needed to make high dynamic range measurements. The 70905B operates to 22 GHz and is used with the Keysight 70600A preselector module. In manufacturing environments where signals are known, you can bypass the preselector for better sensitivity and amplitude flatness. When unpreselected, an automatic signal identification routine returns the frequency of an unknown signal. Simply place a marker on a signal response. The 321.4 MHz output and input are available when the module is tuned above 2.7 GHz. This provides an unpreselected signal which can be dem

Keysight/Agilent 70905B

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