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81628B +40dBm Optical Power Head

High input power levels up to +40 dBm with Integrating sphere
Integrating sphere for high power levels of +40 dBm
Wide 8 mm diameter aperture
Detachable heatsink for input power above 2W
The 81628B optical power head has a built-in integrating sphere with wavelength-dependent calibration for accurate high power measurements. Distributing the power over a large surface away from the detector assures linearity and temperature stability. Functionality includes averaging time settings from 100 µs to 10 s, automatic power ranging, monitoring of minimum and maximum values and logging up to 20k samples. Fiber adapters are available for common connector types. including bare fiber clamps. (see

The 81628B is used with the threaded type adapters. When the adapter is removed, the 8 mm diameter aperture is available for input to open beams or customized fiber holders. The heads are connected to the 816x mainframes

Keysight/Agilent 81628B

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