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85070D High-Temperature Dielectric Probe Kit

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The Keysight 85070D dielectric probe measures the dielectric properties of materials quickly and conveniently. Measurements made with this probe are nondestructive and require no sample preparation - saving you time, trouble, and material.

The dielectric probe is well-suited for measurements of liquid or semisolid materials. Simply immerse the probe into the material; there is no need for special fixtures. The Keysight 85070D dielectric probe yields permittivity (dielectric constant), loss facter, loss tangent, or Cole-Cole diagrams versus frequency - from 200 MHz to 20 GHz.

Runs on a PC, or internally on the PNA series of network analyzers, eliminating the need for both a PC and a GPIB card.
Guided calibration and measurement.
Measure permittivity over a broad frequency range (200 MHz to 20 GHz).
View measurement results in a variety of formats (e

Keysight/Agilent 85070D

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