85640A Tracking Generator, 300 kHz to 2.9 GHz

Portable and rugged
Versatility in the field
High throughput and wide dynamic range
The Keysight 85640A is a MIL-Rugged portable tracking generator to be used with the Keysight 8560A, 8561A/B, or 8562A/B portable spectrum analyzer.

Combining the Keysight 85640A tracking generator with a portable spectrum analyzer results in a system having both scalar-analysis and spectrum-analysis capabilities. Use the scalar-analysis capability to perform measurements such as gain, frequency reponse, compression, flatness, and return loss on components and subsystems. Use the spectrum analysis capability to measure harmonic and inter-modulation distortion, as well as spurious products.

Keysight/Agilent 85640A

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