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85685A RF Preselector

Discontinued product - support information only.

The Keysight 85685A RF preselctor is designed to operate with the Keysight 8566B and 8568B spectrum analyzers. The RF preselector adds tracking filters to reduce overloading from out-of-band signal and preamplifiers for improved system sensitivity over the 20 Hz to 2 GHz frequency range. The Keysight 85685A RF preselector has two input, 20 Hz to 50 MHz and 20 MHz to 2 GHz. There is also a bypass mode which is DC to 18 GHz. Input 1 has a built-in transient limiter for protection from transients generated by line impedance stabilization networks (LISN). The preselector is fully programmable over the HP-IB (IEEE-488).

Operates with the Keysight 8566B and 8568B spectrum analyzers
Reduces overloading from out-of-band signal
Improved system sensitivity
Built-in transient limiter

Keysight/Agilent 85685A

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