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87130A Attenuator/Switch Driver

Replacement: 34980A multifunction switch/measurement unit with 34945A switch/attenuator driver

The Keysight 34980A multifunction switch/measurement unit with the Keysight 34945A switch/attenuator driver is the recommended replacement product. The Keysight 34945A switch/attenuator driver module for the 34980A multifunction switch/measure unit allows you to control switches and attenuators external to the 34980A Mainframe. 

You can also consider using 11713A attenuator/switch driver. The Keysight 11713A attenuator/switch driver provides GPIB or "local" front panel drive control for programmable attenuators and electromechanical switches. Concurrently drive up to two Keysight 8494/5/6/7, Keysight 84904/6/7K/L programmable attenuators and two electromechanical switches (Keysight 8761, 8762, or 8765 Series). For more information.

Keysight/Agilent 87130A

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