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8992A Digital Video Power Analyzer

This product is obsolete. For new product information, go to "Spectrum Analyzers".

The Keysight 8992A digital video analyzer provides complete and accurate characterization of today's complex pulsed signals. It is capable of performing seven automatic timing measurements (rise time, fall time, pulse width, PRI, PRF, duty cycle, and delay) and five automatic power measurements (peak power, average power, pulse top/base amplitude, and overshoot) with push-button ease. Front panel operation is intuitive and straightforward.

The 8992A features two oscilloscopechannels permitting simultaneous measurements on the modulating and detected power waveforms. Dual-timebase windowing allows you to zoom in on a specific portion of the waveform and display it with more accuracy and detail.

-33 to +20 dBm power range
Simulates realistic propagation models for analog and digital television
Static and time varying ghosts
12-bit processing for minimum distortio

Keysight/Agilent 8992A

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