E5810B LAN/GPIB Gateway
E5810B LAN/GPIB 閘道器


Remote access and control of GPIB, USB and RS-232 instruments via LAN in one-box solutionFaster GPIB transfer rate of up to 1.2 MB/sSupports 1000BASE-T (1 Gigabit)/100BASE-TX/10BASE-T LAN/Ethernet connectionPassword-protected web interface for configurationBuilt-in LCD display and Web browser for easy setup and usePower switch for hard reset



The E5810B is the next generation of the E5810A and provides a gateway between networked-equipped computer systems (using LAN) and GPIB, USB and RS-232 instruments in one-box connectivity solution. With this gateway, multiple users can share the instruments from different locations via a LAN (1000BASE-T(1Gigabit)/100BASE-TX/10BASE-T)

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Keysight/Agilent E5810B

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