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E6235A VXI Pentium PC Controller (200 MHz/32 MB)

The Keysight E6235A is a C-size, 2-slot, message-based, PC controller and can be used in either the E84XX series, the E1401B, or the E1421B Mainframe. Embedding the controller in the VXI chassis allows direct computer access of other VXI devices, system memory, and triggers as though they were part of the controller hardware. Therefore, you don't need a separate command module.

The E6235A accesses the VXIbus with a full 32-bit wide data path (32) for highest performance. A LAN connection is standard for network connectivity. It has one additional EXM slot for inclusion of an additional interface that can be ordered separately.

This product includes a 200 MHz processor, 2.16 GB disk, 3.5" floppy drive, 32 MB RAM, SCSI-2, RS-232, GPIB, ECP parallel port, SVGA I/F with 2 MB VRAM, two PS-2 ports, and one EXM expansion slot.

2-Slot, C-size, message based
200 MHz Intel Pentium® MMX Processor
SICL/VISA support
Upgrade memory using stan

Keysight/Agilent E6235A

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