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J7230B OmniBER OTN 10 Gb/s Communications Performance Analyzer

The Keysight OmniBER OTN J7230B 10 Gb/s analyzer offers comprehensive error, alarm and overhead testing for both next generation data over SONET/SDH, and G.709 optical channel, devices and equipment at rates up to 10.71 Gb/s. The independent verification of Multi Service Switching Platforms (MSSPs) and Multi Service Provisioning Platforms (MSPPs) against new industry standards provides greater confidence of interoperability with other vendors' equipment, and speeds time to market.

Next generation SONET/SDH Ethernet payload mapping simulation and analysis.
Next generation SONET/SDH GFP (G.7041) and LAPS (X.86) encapsulation simulation and analysis.
Next generation SONET/SDH (high and low order) Virtual Concatenation and LCAS (G.7042) simulation and analysis, including full differential delay generation and measurement to 256ms as per ITU-T G.707
Comprehensive SONET/SDH contiguous concatenation support

Keysight/Agilent J7230B

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    Term of payment: 100% T/T in advance.

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