N1625A DSL TIMS Test Modules

Keysight's DSL TIMS modules for the Service Advisor test tablet provides comprehensive testing in a flexible, versitile tool for evaluating outside plant, line qualifications, physical layer testing, and troubleshooting.

Line Qualification Test Sequencing

For analog services including VF-POTS and Modem.

Signal Frequency, Level, and Attenuation

Frequency sweep provides fast wideband results that can be viewed simultaneously on the large display providing easy-to-read results at a glance.

Noise Tests

Perform noise or noise with holding tone tests, impulse noise, noise balance, and noise to ground tests. View level, low, middle and high.

23-Tone Transmission Tests

Powerful voice band measurement tool including level, signal-to-total distortion, signal-to-noise ratio, second and third order intermodulation distortion and envelope delay distortion.

Load Coil Detection Tests

Detect load coils on the loop prior to installing DSL.

Internal Noise Im

Keysight/Agilent N1625A

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