N2783A 100 MHz/30 Arms AC/DC Current Probes

Compatible with 1000, 3000, InfiniiVision 2000X, 3000X, 5000, 6000, 7000 Series and Infiniium 8000, 9000 Series oscilloscopes. Use E2697A for use with 90000 Series.
Flat bandwidth - dc to 100 MHz, Max Current 30 Arms
Superior 1% accuracy and high S/N ratio
Overload protect function prevents probe damage at excessive input
Direct connection to high impedance BNC input of oscilloscope
“Demagnetize” button to remove any residual magnetism that built up in the magnetic core
External power supply N2779A lets you connect up to three N278xAs to a single power supply
Compatible with any oscilloscope with high impedance BNC input, the new N2783A Series current probe offers accurate and reliable solution for measuring ac and dc currents.

Using a hybrid technology that includes a Hall effect sensor and an AC current transformer, the probe provides accurate measurement of DC or AC currents up to 30 Arms continuous.

The current probe featur

Keysight/Agilent N2783A

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